LA Vacation Weekend

This long weekend started out as a simple trip to LA for a  wedding, but turned into a full on baby-free vacation complete with a relaxing hot tub, derby, bar nights, and touristy fun.  We had a wonderful weekend away from home… and of course some great photos. Here is a little about the reason why we went to LA this weekend in the first place.

The wedding couple, known as by the derby community Suzy and Mike Snakeyes had a beautiful, kick-ass wedding in the LA Derby Dolls’ Doll Factory in Little Filipinotown. There was heartfelt and comical vows as well as a few dolls singing some Taylor Swift.  I was not able to take many good photos during the wedding since we were sitting far away, but I did manage to catch a cute photo of them during the reception as they announced a “Brides vs Grooms” scrimmage bout. 

I love these two! The card I created symbolizes their love and I couldn’t resist posting it.** Suzy, I hope you have opened your gifts already.



Stay tuned for upcoming posts from my awesome LA weekend including reviews of:

  • FYF Fest: LA indie rock festival we managed to drop in for a couple of hours
  • Clifton’s Cafeteria: Historic cafeteria-style restaurant in the heart of downtown LA’s old theatre district
  • Los Angeles Times Celebration of Food and Wine: Awesome new festival on Paramount Studio’s Backlot

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