Rocktoberfest, a formal affair: 10/23/2010

It was only a month ago that FM94.9, together with West Coast Tavern, pulled together an awesome lineup of mostly local bands for their take on an October tradition at Rocktoberfest. The event got off to a slow start mostly due to the misty weather and an odd schedule. The event started around noon but bands didn’t start playing until 2 or 3 p.m. 

Speaking as an avid North Park community advocate, this event was a pleasant boost for many of the businesses since it allowed in and outs, bringing people and sales to many of the North Park bars, restaurants and stores.  Taking place on 29th Street, alongside and behind the Birch North Park Theatre, organizers made use of the space as best as they could. The stage near the entrance was apparently placed backwards and the stairs ended up in the walkway rather than in the back stage area. But other than those details, the flow seemed fine. It was definitely an awesome day for music. 

Before the bands, German folk dancers entertained the few who were awake and down to have an early brew.

Little Hurricane opened up the event. This was my first time seeing them and was pleasantly surprised. Their energy was enough to get me pumped up for the day ahead.

Check out the attention to detail. An amp made from an old nightstand, complete with lamp and cowboy boots placed just so.

For sure, this was a day for bands donning suits, vests and ties… with The Styletones, Fitz & the Tantrums and The Silent Comedy all sporting the formal looks. Here is Steve Harris of the Styletones, dancing with the crowd.

After a bit of a break at Bar Pink, North Park Sushi ($9 happy hour pitchers) and West Coast Tavern, we came back to enjoy the rest of the event.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day with Fitz and the Tantrums (aside from the guy’s head in front of me).

Another great shot…

Get Back Loretta continued to heat up the crowd. I tried to capture the steam coming off Steven’s neck but no luck. I did get Isaac in action though.

Finishing off the evening with a bang, The Silent Comedy killed it. Fans and new-comers danced and sang along as one of our favorite bands brought it home (again).

Note: by this point, my picture-taking skills had deteriorated and I mostly just enjoyed the music, so this is the best I got. Artsy, no?


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