Short Story: Used Spaceship Available

Here is fiction 101 piece I wrote back in September that I never did anything with. I ran across it in the notes section of my iTouch as I was prepping for my Coup d’eTat set. This one still makes me smile.

Used Spaceship Available

“Used spaceship available” scrawled in large black ink on an old postcard from Palm Springs, prompted Miller to call the number listed. He managed to decipher the owner’s mumblings about needing a new ride. Arriving at the given address near the deserted icehouse, he looked around for an entrance. “10… 9… 8…” Amplified, the countdown had begun. Scrambling over a fence towards the “7… 6… 5…” Rounded the corner, “4…” just in time to see, “3…” a homeless man in a shopping cart, “2…” with a bullhorn, “1…” blasting David Bowie on a boom box. “Lift off! This is ground control…”

Here is the inspiration behind this story… courtesy of Craigslist.


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