Yo Gabba Gabba Live: 11/28/2010

Two months too long for this post and hardly enough time in the day to post it. So here are the cliff notes with photos. If you couldn’t tell from the above picture, we had a great time at Yo Gabba Gabba Live. There definitely was a party in our city. Fourth row tickets on the aisle made for an in your face experience perfect for the sugared up toddlers and preschoolers in the Sports Arena.

It didn’t start off this way. With no nap, T was not to thrilled to be dragged out. Here is how we started:

Red-faced from crying and zoned. But after some cheezy popcorn and pink lemonade, he was back on a high that would carry him through the show.

Entranced by the lights and colorful characters, T soaked it all in. As a side note, we don’t have TV so the limited exposure he has had to Yo Gabba Gabba came from hitting up their website and downloads from friends.

An exhausted looking Biz Markie gave beat boxing his all for the kids, even inviting up timid kids (pushed by super-fan parents) to repeat his beats. Sad, but cute.

The Super Music Friends Show in San Diego was a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t bother to take photos. While other cities got Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley, Drive-By Truckers, Keller Williams, Mates of State,  OK Go and The Aquabats. San Diego gets Kid Koala? I half expected to see Jon Reis as “Swami” to appear, but with news of an injured back, that seemed unlikely.

As for the Dancy Dance, San Diego had Vince Coleman. All the parents looked at each other with blank stares. Who? Yeah, found out he WAS a baseball player. LA gets Snoop Dog and we get a retired baseballer who stole a lot of bases to do the peanut butter stomp (yes, I looked that one up).

It wasn’t all disappointing. Hit songs like “I Like to Dance”,”Get the Sillies Out” and “Party in My Tummy” made the kids wild with excitement. Security was cool as the kids rushed to the floor space directly in front of the stage. We stayed in our seats mostly because T seemed content there and I didn’t see any need to swim into the parent/kid chaos only to get a few rows closer.

I realize this is just the beginning. Disney on Ice is right around the corner. I remember my parents taking me to one of those as a kid. It must be one of those rites of passage or something. Here we go.


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