Local Music Review: Inspired and the Sleep

Artist: Inspired and the Sleep

Songs: The following songs are available to stream on their Soundcloud page:

  • “Chops”: Beats, that will likely case you to stumble on the pavement if you attempt to jog along, surprise you with their innovative stylings. You can definitely hear the influence of Rafter in this one.
  • “The Claw”: Slightly reminiscent of a one of my favorite New Zealand band’s, Zed with oddities that include sound effects and the use of the word, “serotonin,” twice. 
  • “Garden of Your Affection”: Sweet little love song. Toe-tapping drum beats with nothing real obscure.
  • “So Great”: The title says it all.

Overall: Off to a great start, these boys won 1st place at the Cal State Uni San Marcos Battle of the Bands in March of this year. Max Greanhalgh, of Tan Sister Radio leads on vocals and the reins of marketing and promoting. Bandmates, Hayden Stewarton drums and Bryce Outcault on guitar rounds out this trio giving the band the opportunity to truly experiment beyond one individual’s capabilities. Inspired, but no room for sleep. Take a look at what they have been up to:

Albums: Kaleidoscope Years EP (2011), recently recorded with Chris Hoffee at Chaos Records, to be released this Saturday.

Calendar: Currently, they have two dates listed to release their EP:

  • Saturday, May 7 @ Che Cafe with Pilots and Get Back Loretta (all ages)
  • Saturday, May 28 @ Boar’s Crossin in Carlsbad (21  & up)

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