Back to reality

My life is slowly getting back to normal as is my over-taxed body. The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind so much so that I just realized that I forgot to press “publish” on the last post I did for a band. Now I need to update it with new show information (Sorry, Emily).

If you have been in a cave, you may not know that last weekend was the North Park Festival of Arts… the festival I work on with a team of awesome, committed individuals including Liz and Amy from North Park Main Street, Rosey from San Diego: Dialed In, Dang from Bar Pink, Kathryn from Stage 7, Anna and David from A7D, Natalie from McFarlane Promotions and Svea from San Diego North Park Craft Mafia. Also we had a great media partnership with FM94.9 for the Craft Beer Block that allowed us to expand the block by about 100 ft. I hope you made it out to see the incredible diversity of art, dance or music. The weather was perfect and drunkenness was kept to a manageable level. Good responsible drinking. Even Mayor Jerry Saunders and his wife Rana Sampson made it out for some beer tasting. Apparently, SoundDiego has photos, but I have yet to see them posted. Anyhow, overall the event was a success and I look forward to doing it again next year (after some rest).

Another event that happened in the last couple of weeks as the TEDx Amercia’s Finest City at the Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla. It was an awesome opportunity to meet people who are seeking to drive change and make a difference in the world. The theme was “Get Your Fix” which each speaker took at from a different angle.  Barbarella hosted the as 15 speakers as they each had 12-18 minutes to share their point. Despite technical difficulties, the event ran well and it made me want to get moving on making a positive impact for social good. Yes, I realize the festival qualifies as a positive impact to the North Park community, but I feel like I could do more. And I might just get my chance. One of the event organizers of TEDxAFC wants to collaborate with me on developing a follow-up event with the same sort of theme to continue the momentum of bringing people together creating positive change. We shall see what becomes of that, but it shows promise.

Oh and there is an exciting derby bout this weekend that you do not want to miss. I will be there, but no skates. Skating has taken a back seat to all of my community and family work. Trading love for love. So that is the world of me right now. I hope to be seeing you around!


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