Muppets all up in my world

Everywhere I turn these days, well in the last few weeks, Muppets seem to pop up. In conversations, on my computer, in bars… everywhere. And by no means am I upset about this. This is a world I have wanted for a long time. Well, what I’ve really wanted is to have a party with the actual Muppets as guests along with my regular friends. That would be cool and doesn’t seem like it would be out of the realm of possibility.

To see what I mean, here are all of the cool Muppet things that have stumbled across my path in the last few weeks.

My son…

…has always loved Muppet Movies. His favorite is the Great Muppet Caper. That is awesome of course as I used to watch that movie over and over myself as a kid. Well, lately we have been going to the library for movies and books and he has discovered The Muppet Show. Although he insists that his favorite Muppet is Kermit (the boy is a sentimental fool), this sketch  with the Swedish chef has him busting gut every time.

Green With Envy…

Yes! Finally! A new Muppet movie.  The title will simply be The Muppets and it is going to be amazing. Some still think that after Jim Henson died there hasn’t been any good Muppet movies. I disagree. Muppets in Space totally rocked and I see this one being right up there.

Together Again…

Threadless threw together a contest to create a design with to coincide with the release of the new movie. Cross-promotion? Hardly, since there isn’t really a link for the movie on their site, but it is still awesome.

Muppet Whatnot Workshop…

I had heard about this before but it was only in New York and definitely online. The Muppet Whatnot Workshop is like a build-a-bear for Muppets. What? Yes, you can create your own Muppet mini-you if you like. Well, if you have about $100 to spare (plus accessories, of course). I’m not sure if I would ever buy one, but I know plenty of folks that would love this as a birthday or Christmas present. If you are looking for the actual workshop, you will find it in NYC at the FAO Schwarz (at least so I heard).

Henson Alternative…

Stuffed and Unstrung… 80 Henson puppets, 6 comedians, 100% uncensored, 10 performances (August 18-27), at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. Damn. I was right there until I saw the location. But I still haven’t ruled out taking a quick trip during the second weekend. It will be sooo good. And it is brought into this world be some of my favorite people at SF Sketchfest.


Straight up mayhem, I say. A bar. A muppet-themed bar (hell, yes) just opened its doors in San Francisco’s hipsterfied Mission District (SF is being overtaken by the felted types). Check out Gadlings recent review. It still looks like it needs some work, but I’m right there on the concept as long as it doesn’t become animatronified like Chuck E. Cheese.

If you are crazy about Muppets (like I am, to a degree), check out the Muppet Wiki site for news and fun facts.


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