Playgrounds in the dark


It’s that time of the year, when kids go back to school and summer hours of our favorite evening entertainment attraction come to an end. The animals at the zoo are already adjusting to the waning daylight, but our little wild one retains his late night schedule.

We are becoming the rogue family swinging the night away at the local playgrounds and taking walks with flashlights in the dark.

It’s sad to me that there are few to no options for the late night kid. I understand that we are among the few that allows their kid stay up late. And of those that do permit their kids to entertain the evening hours, most prefer to keep their wee ones indoors, even “glued to the tube.” We are also of the variety that does not have TV, except for streaming and DVD, and we all prefer to be doing anything else.

So, as the sun sets on summer, we reluctantly retreat indoors out of the darkness. But as we make adjustments to our evening hours of fun, we would love to hear how you keep busy with your late night little ones as the hours of daylight shorten. Or are we just freaks of nature?


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