“There is no time for Plan B”

We had the chance to see Amanda Palmer at the North Park Birch Theatre a few weeks back. It was an awesome show overall but one of the opening acts who Amanda courted out of Australia surprised us with heart-felt, honest, touching music. Mainly other beautiful adjectives could apply to the duo known as The Jane Austen Argument. I walked away with a six-song EP which I only recently put in my car.

Upon reaching the final song on the CD,  I was treated with a short monologue by angel-winged, Tom Dickens that has since provided me with uplifted spirits and a new drive to take on the holidays and the new year. I provided two of my favorite quotes from the small speech, but I urge you to to take a listen to Plan Behind for yourself.

“I could fail spectacularly, but I’m’ a fan of spectacle.”

“Look for what whatever makes you happy. What couldn’t you live without doing? What do you do in your spare time that makes you smile and are you doing it enough? An if not, why?”

You might find inspiration in his words, adorable Australian accent or even in the song itself, sang by his partner in awesomeness, Jen Kingwell.


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