Lucky to be me

Roger and I are lucky. We are lucky to have each other,  our awesome little one, a supportive family and equally supportive friends. There are a million other reasons we are lucky too, having full-time jobs and a roof over our head are two that I true am thankful for. Everyday I appreciate the love coming from all sides. Some of the love comes in the form of hugs while others come in the form of quick facebook posts or tweets. Even others come in the form of full length articles like this one from a friend and this one from a complete stranger (who I recently met).

On my 33rd birthday, I have been thinking about all of the awesomeness around me, including the awesomely weird dreams I’ve been having lately that include large beautiful birds you could ride on. I don’t know really where this post is going, but I felt I needed to write it. Really I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone for being amazing. I’m glad you are in our lives.


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