What makes you, you

A half a year has come and gone since I last wrote one of these posts. And the little boy has grown another inch or so. I meant to write this post a month ago, but life took hold and blogging was/is not a priority. But I recognize the importance of taking a few minutes to write this message to my son  because I never want to forget.

As you grow older with each passing minute, I want to remember all of the things that make you, you… right now. So here is a short list of things that warm my heart, crack me up or things I’m afraid may pass as you age.

  • When you don’t know something you say, “I can’t say.” or “I can’t know.” The first few times this was quite confusing.
  • Listening to music in the mornings as you slowly wake up. The Yo Gabba Gabba “Goodbye” song seems to be a favorite.
  • Stopping to smell the flowers no matter the rush. You have always done this and I hope you always will.
  • Coming up with new and crazy names for our cat, Spork. Some of my favorites include Sporkster, Chocolate Spork and Count Sporkula.
  • We can’t go anywhere without being zapped by repulsor ray ALA Iron Man or hearing the gun sounds  rattling from your lips.
  • Nearly every evening you ask, “Mama, can you do all the work?” This refers to me helping you get ready for bed. Hilarious each time.
  • Lemonade is crack for you.
  • How you just raid the fridge at your own free will. Yes, I realize this is just the beginning.
  • Smank… your word for spank/smack.
  • Shrugging all the time just because you can.
  • Listening to you sing “We are Young” by FUN. In particular, hearing any three year old sing, “By the time the bar closes, and you feel like falling down…” make me wonder if CPS will be at the door.
  • Still asking what’s next.

There is still more to come and that’s what makes each day exciting. The daily routines keep some sort of order to the days, but your spark makes each day it’s own and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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