Short Story: Instincts

This year is starting out great in terms of writing. Thanks to a writing class from San Diego Writer’s Ink, I’ve been keeping up a pace of one story per week so far. I plan to submit my more polished stories, so many of the great ones you won’t be seeing here. But some of the shorter ones, I will post, as there is not much of a market for them. So here is a shortie that I hope you enjoy!


She saw the car coming from 100 feet away. Following the path hundreds of people made each day across the asphalt divide, today she crossed alone. The cars will stop, they always do. Her strides kept on pace as she reached the halfway point.

Her eyes stayed on the car as it made the turn in her direction. “The driver has to see me now.” she thought as the blue sedan careered toward her. Mere feet from her, the car maintained its speed. Instincts took hold. Rather than sprinting the 4 feet left to the curb, her brain gave her the next logical choice. Crouched down in attempt to save her fur, she managed to cry out as the car continued along its path.

Feeling a bump, the driver looked back in the rear view mirror to see a small carcass flattened in his wake. Remorse hit him for a moment, until he realized he was late for work.


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