Four = I love you even more

Thomas wildwest

Three into four. The transition ever so slight but the signs all point in one direction: the boy is growing up. The toddler is gone and what is left is a little boy with loads of opinions and a fresh perspective to boot. This year, I decided to ask him a few questions to track over the years (if I can keep it going) so here is what I found:

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? a trash truck man
  • Favorite color: blue and gold
  • Favorite food: quesadilla
  • Favorite super hero: Iron Man, no… Batman, no… Iron Man AND Batman
  • Favorite book: Tickle Monster
  • Best friend: Theo
  • Where to you want to go to visit out of anywhere in the world? the dump
  • Favorite movie/show to watch: Power Ranger Samurai
  • What does it mean to be 4? What can you do know that you couldn’t before? I’m stronger.

Some of our favorite moments of the year:

  • Requests for the “chicken in the pot” song (“What I Like about You” by The Romantics. See the movie, Surf’s Up).
  • Your love for slap stick comedy. Actually we’ve caught him doing prat falls.
  • Incredible improv skills. Throwing an invisible bomb around the kitchen.
  • Attempts at knock knock jokes: “Knock Knock.” “Who’s there?” “Sandwich.” “Sandwich who?” “Sandwich and I’ll tell you.”
  • Your empathy.
  • Your ever steadying hand as you learn to trace and write letters, numbers and other shapes.
  • Your ability to involve yourself in conversions with kids and adults of all ages, yet still clam up when it comes to talking on the phone.
  • The words of wisdom that come from your lips. Today’s nugget? They do what they do.
  • New freckles appearing each day.
  • Nightly hugs, kisses and squeezes.

I know each year you become more and more your own. We will continue to love and support you (and your loves) every day. You do what you do and you will be amazing.


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