Damn, I wish I could be cloned for a day

For some reason, event planners don’t always check to see the competition before planning an event, so this Saturday is jammed full of exciting things. I wish I could have three or four of me to go out and enjoy all of the cool things that are happening on April 18. If you are not already totally busy this Saturday (which I can’t seem to understand why you wouldn’t be unless you are a hermit), I have put together a list of things you could be doing this fine Saturday instead of that family picnic at the beach.

Support your local roller derby league

There are about 8-9 bouts happening on the West Coast this Saturday but the following are happening in Southern California:
Note: I will be skating in this bout. My first game back since last June! Come cheer for me.
Angel City Derby Girls versus Inland Empire’s Derby Divas @ Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo


In-store performances with Dramarama, Anya Marina, Silent Comedy & Maren Parusel! Plus a Foosball Tournament with Menomena (Beat them & win stuff!) Guest M-Theory Cashiers Pall Jenkins of Black Heart Procession & Jimmy Lavalle of Album Leaf! Sidewalk sale and more! (10am-8pm)
Note: I will most likely be there in the early afternoon to catch Silent Comedy and Anya before I head over to Del Mar.

Taste of Hillcrest

Take a self-guided stroll around the neighborhood and taste some of Hillcrest’s favorite and new restaurants and cafes (Noon to 4pm). $30 (advance) $35 (day of event)


I saw this posted when taking my in-laws around town. A street performer’s festival featuring sword swallowers, jugglers, acrobats, comedians, musicians and more are sharpening their anything but ordinary talents. Both Saturday & Sunday (Noon- 5pm). There is even a Buskers After Dark event running from 7-10pm. Maybe I will make it out on Sunday.


This is Steve’s last show in San Diego before he heads out on a major tour of Australia. He will be back though… Sad to miss.

Coachella Music Festival

Three days in the desert watching some of the coolest current bands. Haven’t gone yet. Never has fallen at a good time. Tickets are still available ($256 for 3-days).

Historic Homes Tours

Mission Hills Home Tour: Tour six privately-owned historic and architecturally diverse homes with the Mission Hills Heritage from South Mission Hills (10am-4pm). $25 (MHH members),$30 (non-members) Meet at 1214 Sutter Street.
North Park Historic Home Tour: Guided walking tour of North Park’s Dryden District featuring 30 historic homes (9am) $10 Meet at 28th and Upas Streets.

Derby Social Networking

If there wasn’t enough social networking sites out there already with facebook, myspace, friendster, twitter, yahoo groups… now there is more. Someone in the derby community created yet another place to post things and get to know other derby people from around the world.

Introducing, Derby Nation a site for all your derby connections. Not limited to skater’s… open to skaters, refs, coaches, staff and volunteers… both male and female.

The site creators encourage you to: “Post your bout and event dates. Share pictures. Create groups for your league or team. Chat on the message boards. Blog about derby life.” It is easier to use than myspace and has less junk than facebook. It is completely customizable for both those who know html and those that would rather not ever have to learn codes.

Will this catch on? Today, there was just over 600 members signed up worldwide and it looks like that it just was released a few days ago. Each individual must be “approved” before your account is completely set up. Mine only took minutes. It is definitely worth a look to see if it is worth your time and effort 🙂

West Coast Roller Derby Bouts: 2009 Spring Schedule

After my previous post, it was suggested that I post all of the dates for the West Coast bouts. This list includes all derby leagues in the states of Washington, Oregon, California (except Southern California bouts listed in the previous post), and Nevada. Luckily, I have connections to get this sort of information. Though, it would be awesome for fans if the leagues would keep their websites an/or myspace pages up-to-date.

Feb 14: http://rosecityrollers.com/
Feb 15: http://www.olyrollers.com/
Feb 21: http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/
Feb 21: http://www.centralcoastrollerderby.com/index.html
Feb 21: http://www.emeraldcityrollergirls.com/
Feb 21: http://www.dockyardderbydames.com/
Feb 28: http://rosecityrollers.com/
Feb: 28: http://www.myspace.com/norcalrollergirlsrock
Feb 28: http://www.sincityrollergirls.com/

Mar 7: http://www.lavacityrollerdolls.com/
Mar 7: http://www.myspace.com/442234977
Mar 7: http://www.ratcityrollergirls.com/
Mar 7: http://www.slaughtercountyrollervixens.com/
Mar 14: http://www.svrollergirls.com/
Mar 14: http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/
Mar 21: http://notownrollerderby.wordpress.com/
Mar 21: http://www.olyrollers.com/
Mar 21: http://www.emeraldcityrollergirls.com/
Mar 21:http://www.jetcityrollergirls.com/
Mar 28: http://www.sincityrollergirls.com/
Mar 28: http://www.sacredcityderbygirls.com/
Mar: 28: http://www.myspace.com/norcalrollergirlsrock
Mar 28: http://www.dockyardderbydames.com/

Apr 4: http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/
Apr 4: http://valleyfeverrollerderby.com/
Apr 11: http://www.myspace.com/humboldtrollerderby
Apr 11: http://www.olyrollers.com/
Apr 11: http://www.emeraldcityrollergirls.com/
Apr 11: http://www.myspace.com/343402520
Apr 11: http://www.jetcityrollergirls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.theportcityrollergirls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.ratcityrollergirls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.saccityrollers.com/
Apr 18 http://www.sacredcityderbygirls.com/
Apr 18: Sonoma County Roller Derby versus Santa Cruz Roller Girls @
Apr 25: http://www.myspace.com/norcalrollergirlsrock
Apr 25: http://www.sincityrollergirls.com/
Apr 25: http://www.myspace.com/reddingrollergirls

May 3: http://www.myspace.com/442234977
May 9: http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/
May 9: http://www.emeraldcityrollergirls.com/
May 16: http://renorollergirls.com/
May 16: http://www.sincityrollergirls.com/
May 16: http://www.jetcityrollergirls.com/
May 23: http://www.myspace.com/humboldtrollerderby
May 23: http://www.myspace.com/norcalrollergirlsrock
May 23: http://www.myspace.com/442234977
May 24: http://www.olyrollers.com/
May 30: http://notownrollerderby.wordpress.com/
May 30: http://www.ratcityrollergirls.com/

Jun 6: http://www.myspace.com/vtownderbydames
Jun 6: http://www.sincityrollergirls.com/
Jun 6: http://www.dockyardderbydames.com/
Jun 13: http://www.svrollergirls.com/
Jun 13: http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/
Jun 13: http://www.jetcityrollergirls.com/
Jun 20: http://www.myspace.com/norcalrollergirlsrock
Jun 20: http://www.myspace.com/343402520
Jun 20: http://www.centralcoastrollerderby.com/index.html
Jun 20: Sonoma County Roller Derby versus Sac City @
Jun 27: http://www.myspace.com/442234977
Jun 27: http://www.emeraldcityrollergirls.com/

Please note: Some of these bouts are tentative and may not be listed on the league’s website until confirmed. Feel free to email me if you notice any of the information is incorrect or missing, and I will change it. The links that correspond to each event will take you to the website where you can purchase tickets (aka hosting league’s website). All bouts listed are flat track unless otherwise specified.

See previous post for Southern California bout dates. Neither list includes tournaments outside of the west coast or other derby events that the public is not allowed to attend (i.e. Blood and Thunder Training Camp).

If you are looking for the most complete listing of bouts, derby news and more, please check the Derby News Network.

Southern California Roller Derby Bouts: 2009 Spring Schedule

Although I have been physically unable to play roller derby for the last 9 months or so, I have stayed active through coaching and managing bouts with the San Diego Derby Dolls. I was able to tie on my skates for the first time on Monday to get my bearings. With my weight shifting from my belly to my chest, I really needed to work on my balance. I am so glad to be returning to being a part of this sport that has such inspiring women and much appreciated community support.

If you have yet to make it to a bout, there are many opportunities to get out and see roller derby in Southern California. Here is a compiled spring schedule of local roller derby teams:

Feb 21: http://www.derbydolls.com/
Feb 28: http://www.derbydolls.com/

Mar 7: http://www.ocrollergirls.com/
Mar 7: http://www.bakersfieldrollergirls.com/
Mar 14: http://www.myspace.com/vcdevilsdarlins
Mar 21: http://www.angelcityderbygirls.com/
Mar 21: http://www.iederbydivas.com/
Mar 28: http://www.myspace.com/prisoncityderbydames
Mar 28: http://www.derbydolls.com/

Apr 4: http://www.derbydolls.com/
Apr 4: http://www.ocrollergirls.com/
Apr 12: http://www.angelcityderbygirls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.derbydolls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.derbydolls.com/
Apr 18: http://www.angelcityderbygirls.com/

May 2: http://www.myspace.com/prisoncityderbydames
May 9: http://www.derbydolls.com/
May 9: http://www.iederbydivas.com/
May 15: http://www.derbydolls.com/
May 16-17: http://www.angelcityderbygirls.com/
May 30: http://www.derbydolls.com/

Jun 20: http://www.angelcityderbygirls.com/
Jun 27: http://www.myspace.com/prisoncityderbydames
Jun 28: http://www.derbydolls.com/

Please note: The links that correspond to each event will take you to the website where you can purchase tickets (most likely the hosting league’s website). All bouts listed are flat track unless otherwise specified.

D is for Derby Dolls…

The San Diego Derby Dolls are having a couple fundraisers coming up to raise money for travel games. So far the San Diego Derby Dolls have had the opportunity to travel for bouts in Boise and Seattle… upcoming travel games include Sacramento and Denver. Please come out and support your local derby girls!

Tuesday, August 19 @ U31
Please come out of your hole for this one (though we know that it may take a few drinks). Are you Too Cool for Karaoke? This fine art has to be one of the Derby Dolls favorite pastimes. Please don’t miss out on lousy singing and more fun than you could possibly imagine!

Saturday, September 6 @ HOB
For now, save this date!!! There will be bands, raffles and general mayhem as the San Diego Derby Dolls take over the entire restaurant area of the downtown House of Blues venue.