Southern California Roller Derby Bouts: 2009 Spring Schedule

Although I have been physically unable to play roller derby for the last 9 months or so, I have stayed active through coaching and managing bouts with the San Diego Derby Dolls. I was able to tie on my skates for the first time on Monday to get my bearings. With my weight shifting from my belly to my chest, I really needed to work on my balance. I am so glad to be returning to being a part of this sport that has such inspiring women and much appreciated community support.

If you have yet to make it to a bout, there are many opportunities to get out and see roller derby in Southern California. Here is a compiled spring schedule of local roller derby teams:

Feb 21:
Feb 28:

Mar 7:
Mar 7:
Mar 14:
Mar 21:
Mar 21:
Mar 28:
Mar 28:

Apr 4:
Apr 4:
Apr 12:
Apr 18:
Apr 18:
Apr 18:

May 2:
May 9:
May 9:
May 15:
May 16-17:
May 30:

Jun 20:
Jun 27:
Jun 28:

Please note: The links that correspond to each event will take you to the website where you can purchase tickets (most likely the hosting league’s website). All bouts listed are flat track unless otherwise specified.


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