Derby Weekend

Since vacationing to New York with family, I am having a tough time attempting to catch up with my blogging. So this is what you get… a quick snapshot of what actually happened a week and a half ago.

On the last weekend of June, my weekend plans were sent into a spiral spin… Friday night, I wasn’t feeling well so I crashed around 9:00 pm, leaving Roger to enjoy Tan Sister Radio and Scarlet Symphony at the Ken Club. At least one of us could represent.

Saturday, we headed up to LA at 11 am for the first banked track tournament since roller derby’s revival in 2002. The tournament was set up with an A bracket and a B bracket of 3 teams each. The LA Derby Dolls (Ri-ettes), Texas Roller Derby (TXRD), and Team Awesome were in the A bracket, while LA Derby Dolls (Golden Girls), OC Rollergirls and the San Diego Derby Dolls.

I wasn’t skating this tournament (as I have little practice on the banked track), so I offered to manage on Saturday. The tournament was set up over two days. On Saturday, each team would play a 30-minute game (two 15-minute halves) with the other teams in their respective brackets. On Sunday, there would be two games: (1) first and second place team in the A bracket and (2) the third place team in the A bracket versus the first place team in the B bracket.

After the upset last month against the LA Derby Dolls, I thought that making it to Sunday was nearly impossible. So I made plans to go to the Del Mar Fair (yes, it’s true name) to see the Demolition Derby. I love derby of all kinds!

To my surprise, as well as to the surprise of nearly everyone at the tournament, San Diego Derby Dolls ruled over the B bracket Saturday. First with a crushing victory over Orange County, then in a vicious battle against LA Derby Dolls’ Golden Girls.

So hastily, I made the decision to return on Sunday to help with the game. I did drive up and back on both days. What it would take to fill my Mini Cooper’s tank is about half of what it would cost to get a hotel room for the night. Plus, their is something to be said for wearing clean underwear and sleeping in your own bed.

I would love to recap the gory details of each of the games, but I would like to eventually get caught up with the rest of my life and blog so I will leave it to the ones who have already covered the insanity.

Derby News Network – covered the tournament, play-by-play with commentary (archived for your enjoyment) and summerized the aftermath including an official statement by the head ref regarding the issues with the rules.

Los Anjealous – an LA blogger who conducts semi play-by-play of every LA bout as well as this tournament (Here is part 2)

LADD’s flickr photostream

End the end, I will say this… the rules were written by a doosh (his words, not mine) there by causing much controversy and confusion. The crowd was chanting “bullsh*t” at one point in the tournament. But despite the turmoil, those who attended this tournament can attest to witnessing some of the most amazing derby that they have every seen – nail biting endings, blocks that make you cringe, strategic plays that seemed impossible to execute – this weekend had it all.


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