Listening to Rocks and the Assumptions, Lestat’s: 7/11/2008

Thursday night I headed down to Lestat’s after derby practice to catch The Assumptions last few songs before Roger’s band, Listening to Rocks hit the stage. This was The Assumptions first live performance as they were created to fulfill Layne Sterling’s need to create. The record is complete waiting on the artwork layout for completion. The band includes Layne, her daughter (Sara), Jon Kanis, Mike Keneally and Brian “Nucci” Cantrell. Nucci ended leaving halfway through the set for another gig, presumably the standard Wednesday night Lady Dottie gig at Henry’s Pub downtown.

Layne’s voice was beautiful as the band’s rhythmic sounds put your mind and soul at ease. Sara’s vocals complemented Layne’s perfectly. You could definitely see the relation. I wish I had made it there earlier, since I know they pretty much have one more performance left… their CD release.

It is weird for me to review Listening to Rocks since I am married to the lead guitarist. I don’t know if that makes me more biased or hypercritical. Either way, I will try to make this brief. The band started as a one-off band for Roger to perform our one year wedding anniversary at the Casbah. The band includes: Roger, Jon Kanis, Dave Rizzuto (from Roger’s work), and Brad Smith (from Blasphemous Guitars). All of the guys in the band were having a great time, so they decided to keep it going. This was the third performance with at least one more on the books (Aug 23 at Jon Kanis’ Birthday party).

Lestat’s is known for great quality sound and this show was no exception. This was the best quality sounding performance for the band to date. It was great to hear how the band should sound. However when the quality is that good when mistakes are made it is more obvious to everyone. Anyhow, it is good for them to get a good quality recording (Lestat’s actually records of the board and sells it back to the artists for $20) so they can use it to improve.

I am glad to see that each of them are having fun with it.


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