The Sweetest Thing…

I feel like it has been forever since I last posted, but in reality it has only been a week. My world has turned upside-down in the best way possible, giving birth to our son, Thomas Eliot Morrison. I usually reserve this blog for non-personal stuff, but I feel this is an occasion that warrants a few words and photos (as many of you are surely dying to see).

Well it didn’t happen at the Casbah as predicted (and hoped for) by many, but Thomas Eliot Morrison was born 1pm (exactly) on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. He was 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 19.5 inches… now growing fast.

Many of you knew that we did not want to share our name choices until our little one arrived. The story behind the name is that my grandfather’s name is Hubert Thomason… we really wanted to name him after important people, and my grandfather is one of the biggest influential people in my life. He raised me as a child, let me escape there as a teen, and as he has grown older, I have taken on the caretaker role at times. He has some of the most amazing stories including one where he travelled to Spain for a day just to show his friend how to use the military free flights… It took him 5 days of traveling and he was 80 at the time. I could not bring myself to name him Hubert, so Thomas it is (plus everyone calls my grandfather Tom anyhow). Eliot is a name that I have always loved… from the boy in E.T., to the dragon in Pete’s Dragon, to the poet/literary critic, T.S. Eliot (whose first name is also Thomas).

Thomas came into the world to the music of Polyphonic Spree’s first album “The Beginning Stages of…” Perfect album for this momentous event (aside from the final track that is a loop of feedback for 10-15 minutes). We are currently working on a mixed CD of songs for him that mark special events as a newborn. I will post the list once we have completed it for inquiring minds.

Be prepared for ultimate cuteness…

Family photo

First headphones

Since I won’t be out an about for awhile until I get this breastfeeding/pumping thing down, I will be missing a few things including Wednesday, January 28 @ The Casbah Blasphemous Guitars, Pleaseeasaur, Goblin Cock (my original due date). If you can make it to this show, you will not be let down.

I now will be looking at all ages shows and events more closely, as I can at least bring Thomas along for those. Oh and good news for me… Toronado is all ages and within walking distance. I last went there on their opening day (aka the day I found out I was pregnant). Need a good beer fix soon. Maybe sometime this weekend.


4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Thing…

  1. That baby is so cute! After we left your house the other night Emma was like, “I’m really a big girl now, huh. I’m a lot bigger than Thomas.” Its truly amazing how small and perfect brand new babies are!

  2. I think it took Liv about 1 to 2 weeks til she was a pro at the breast feeding thing! I will pump and give her the bottle (with breast milk) when she is just too agro to get it from the source :)Happy feedings.Love,Julia

  3. Can’t believe you let us rehearse at the house the other night for his first concert. He was screaming along the whole time. Totally trying to replace me.

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