Eddie’s Place in North Park opens tomorrow

I got this email from my friend, Dan this weekend and I just had to repost it since it is hilarious, straight-forward and just as informative. Eddie’s Place is a new restaurant located on 30th and Myrtle in North Park.

Today, I was gonna get an answer to the question that many people have been asking.
“When is Eddie’s Place opening?”
Eddie’s Place is across from Lefty’s Pizza.

Hank, the mailman didn’t know and actually sounded disappointed that the business owner hadn’t communicated with him in any way because people have been asking Hank. Note for future business owners: Inform your mailman. This is a walking, talking free advertising agent.

After climbing the series of steps and ramps to the pinnacle of the front porch at Eddie’s Place, I saw a sign on the door that stated they are opening Feb 2, 2009. I have seen similar signs in the past. Seeing the door was ajar and a chef mixing something up in a large bowl in the kitchen, I walked in to confirm the date on the sign as real or hopeful. She informed me the date is very real. Eddie’s Place will open this Monday February 2.

After asking what kind of food they will have, she allowed me to look at the only menu they have printed. They will offer lunch and dinner. Lunches seem to be mainly sandwiches, hoagies, etc. Dinner offers ribs, steaks, chicken pot pie, etc. Prices range from $7-$15.
The place also offers domestic beers like Miller, Bud, etc for $3.50 or so.

After thanking her and retreating down the labyrinth I had earlier climbed to enter the front door, I went to Jack in The Box to use the free terriyaki bowl coupon I was given at the Holiday Bowl. One bowl later, I am nearly ready to throw up.

I am looking forward to Eddie’s opening.


Reposted email from North Park resident, Dan Altenburg


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