So much for being backblogged…

I have been out living life. Those shows I said I would get around to writing about… sorry. Not gonna happen. Not the kid’s fault. Just been too busy with life’s happenings to take the time to write thing down. Here are some of the things that have kept me from writing over the last few weeks:

1) Work: Yeah, I know it is a lame excuse but I am in a transition phase at work that doesn’t give me time to even check my personal email let alone blog.
2) Shows and other fun events: These include… Get Back Loretta CD Release @ the Casbah, FM94/9 Beer for Breakfast event @ Stone Brewery, Death Cab for Cutie Secret Show @ the Belly Up, Smart Brothers & The Wrong Trousers @ Lestats, Alex’s Lemonade Stand broadcast.
3) Personal stuff: My grandfather was in the hospital for two weeks, my iTouch was stolen, famliy BBQ’s

So yeah, busy. What that mean is that I will get to what I feel like getting to instead of putting expectations on myself to type up everything. I guess this is a personal release of thoughts since I know that my blog is low on readers. It feels good to get it out none the less.


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