He really had no idea what to expect. In his mind, Mickey didn’t live there but a variety of other made up creatures did. He knew there were rides for sure and it was a long ways to get there. Often when we played, we would have to take an airplane to get there. What he did know, is there was something incredible about the place and he had to go. On Wednesday, we had the chance to witness first hand Thomas’ first time at the happiest place on Earth, full of smiles, thrills and adventure.

Lines were short, so not a lot of time for checking messages or posting to the fb or twitter, so I’m taking out to write down memories in long form here.

We covered a lot of ground that day: from Critter Country meeting Pooh and Tigger, to riding with pirates and through the jungle, exploring caves and finding treasure,  snacking in the Enchanted Tiki Room, rattling his nerves with witches, flying over the skies in rockets and on a flying elephant that goes by a certain name, meeting celebrities and invading their homes, shooting scary robots,  and watching kids become Jedi knights.

Things I never want to forget from that day (and hopefully by writing them down I won’t):

  • “This is great!” was all he could say over and over as we took the shuttle into the park. His smile was broad and
  • The excitement and energy after Thomas got off Gadgets Go Coaster in Mickey’s Toontown. His face was full of joy and he seemed breathless.
  • The way he soaked in every detail of Mickey Mouse’s house. In his eyes, you could read his thoughts, “I can’t believe I’m in Mickey Mouse’s house!” He continues to tell us about the squirrel stealing the carrots (out of Mickey’s garden).

  • “Don’t open that green door again!” stated over and over for the rest of the day after Roger tested trying to open the door to the power company in Toontown, receiving a noisy shock. Thomas swears a witch was behind the loud zaps.
  • His favorite things of the day: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, watching kids fight Darth Vader and Darth Maul in the Jedi Training Academy,  and of course getting a new light saber (thank you, Grandma 2D and Uncle Jerry!)

“Can we stay here?” was asked several times throughout the day. I really think he wanted to live there with Mickey and pals. Not a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind sharing Minnie’s kitchen and if you boot out the dead guy, that bed in Pirates of the Caribbean looks pretty cozy. Although, I might have to figure out how to make the ghosts stop playing the piano so we could have proper rest before climbing the Matterhorn.


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