Turning three

My baby turns three today and aside from celebrating with Star Wars themed games and Luke Skywalker on your cake, I wanted to encapsulate your growth and the things you do that make me smile and sometimes drive me crazy, because next year these things might pass and be replaced with throwing spit balls (I hope not) or drawing faces on everything in sight. So, in no particular order…

  • Your preference for cozy sweats or fleece attire over jeans
  • Singing “celebrate good times, come on!” at the top of your lungs from the back of the car
  • Carrying around a giant blue fluffy pillow and the need to have it placed on your head to sleep
  • Specifying the type and color of cup each and EVERY time you want a drink… with a straw or like a glass?
  • Not wanting to leave the farmers market without a carrot in your hand, nibbling it like bugs bunny
  • Wearing my brown fedora, also known as the Yee-haw hat like Indiana Jones
  • Asking us to tell you a story, not read, but off-the-cuff, improv-style
  • Your extensive bargaining where you manage to find a compromise most of the time… sorry, mom and dad have to win some of the time
  • Wearing my necklaces
  • Indicating your dislike for things by saying, “That’s not great” or “That’s not my favorite.”
  • Casually peeing with no hands
  • Playing rhyming games that always end when you ask, “What rhymes with Thomas?”
  • Your genuine love of your family and friends, while blaming almost everything on Lincoln, that bratty kid from daycare

I don’t want this time to pass (especially since now all of the theme parks have deemed you a paying customer), but I know the future brings even more adventure, frustrations and awesomeness. I love you forever.


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