Back on track

Toucans (mine and the boy’s)

I never looked forward to daylight saving time ending until this year. I usually dread the dark evening hours and the chilly nights. But every morning for the past month has been a fight to wake up. And not just with my own body. The boy has been late to school almost everyday. And he hates being late.

Beyond that, I still hadn’t adjusted to the new schedule with my new job and the addition of driving Thomas to and from school each day. Personal time was no where to be found. This weekend may have just been the thing to kick-start me back into the world.

After chatting with Roger about my stress and lack of me time, he granted my wish. This weekend I painted, I took a writing class, I organized my stories for submitting to publishers, and I started a new short story. And look, I’m blogging!

I have seen the light. I will never again complain about turning back the clocks. One extra hour means the world, and I’m not sure if I will be as keen this year to make the switch back. But perhaps the time alterations are just the motivation I need to rediscover me… over and over and over again.


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